Book 1 ~ Try Out Book 1 Story & Instructional Video!

Book 1 ~ Try Out Book 1 Story & Instructional Video!

Is your 3, 4 or 5 year old ready to read?

Teach your child to read in the time it takes to read them a (short!) bedtime story!

This book is about the funny antics of a loveable pug dog named Jack.  The limited vocabulary in this fully illustrated story is the perfect way to engage and excite first time readers!  Jack is the first book in our series of easy-to-handle early literacy books that take your child from a non-reader to an enthusiastic first grade level reader. 

***You will also receive an access code for a super short, easy-to-follow tutorial that will enable you to be your child's first reading teacher.  Please be sure to view the video first, so that you spark a passion for reading from this very first book.

Happy readers are readers for life!  Take advantage of this offer and watch your child's excitement for the written word soar!


$ 5.00